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MOSTart NGO is an international cultural and educational association, which has been developing in a dynamic way. Fundamentally, its aim is to provide platforms for exchange of best practices in the field of education, including its various spheres and adopt them to the local realities. For educational reasons, art and artistic tools are frequently used in our projects and in this way we also wish to support communication among artists of different fields, likewise to aspire young talents to use their potential and meet each other for the sake of advanced knowledge. We have organised several international exhibitions, festivals, camps so far to achieve this aim.

Main aims in the field of art: are (1) To help communication among artists of different art fields (dance, music, theatre, movies, literature, visual and fine arts, etc.) (2) To promote art activities and products, and also to aspire them to meet each other (global art conception) (3) To help young artists to introduce themselves by organising international exhibitions, art actions, festivals, art camps and to take part in tenders of the field of art (4) To promote cultural heritage and innovative cultural adventures in regional areas (5) to develop a new virtual channel (artCHANNEL) .

Our educational goals cover a wide range of purposes and activities; however we always strive to build on the demands and the actual needs of our target groups. Being a well-experienced organisation at international level, (1) we often mediate and support the newly born partnerships of the less experienced organisations, e. g. acting as a crossing bridge between international schools, educational systems and other institutes or communities. As our target groups start from the school boys and girls and stretch out to senior citizens with no age limit, we use versatile educational approach and method in our regular programs and in our projects. (2) To get out the best of these, we keep on elaborating high quality, up-to-date alternative teaching systems, particularly in cooperation with international partners. We also promote digital educational methods and encourage our clients to use digital technology and resources creatively. (3) To improve the available tools of education, we make use the potentials of international programs (e.g. LLP programs), laying special emphasis on children with special needs. By these resources, we are building up strong international working relationship among our partners. (4) To develop cultural and educational possibilities for the local regional communities with the help of international programs (Grundtvig, Town-Twinning, Culture etc.). (5) To transfer and adapt innovative methods targeting  teachers’ skills and competences.

Experts of the Association have practical experiences in adult and child education,  and in alternative pedagogical approaches like in project-based methodology, cooperative teaching methods, ICT-based content in teaching, Step by Step methodology, TIE teaching methods, integrating children with special needs and disadvantageous groups in education, involving creative artistic tools in educational processes. The Association was the legal ambassador of the eTwinning system in the Central-Hungarian Region in 2007-2008, and works as a multiplicator for educational institutions  and for the local communities of the region as far as the EU projects are concerned.. In spite of its “age” the Association has great experience in managing international activities like centralised Youth project, many Comenius multiplications, Twinning Town and eTwinning projects etc.. It has several working relationships across Europe, acting as a multiplicator with around 120 educational and training institutes from min. 15 countries

Basically, the core target group of the organisation are the youngsters (from school age up to the age of ca. 30), and many of our projects serves their interest and require their active participation. The organisation manages a Youth Cultural Centre in a disadvantageous city (inhabitants: 25.000 persons), dealing with cultural, democratic and mental health youth issues (ca. 25 programmes/month, ca. 6-8000 young visitors/year), iner alia we had a programme for juvenile delinquents with the support of the Ministry of Justice and Law Enforcement in 2010.

The association operates a national “Giving a Chance” network programme for young persons with fewer opportunities, involving several educational institutes (ca. 120), civil organisations (ca. 30), enterprises (ca. 5) and national professional experts (from ELTE, MTA, Psychological Institute, OKM) into it. The association is declared as UNESCO member from this year according to its results and effectiveness.



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